Azienda Vitivinicola Calvi

Our Vineyards

Oltrepò Pavese provides the ideal conditions for vines, given its favourable climate, its hilly terrain, and the fact that it lies perfectly on the 45th parallel.

The immense wealth of this area, which accounts for the quality of its wines and differentiates grape growing here from that in other areas, is the large quantity of diverse terrains, particularly where we are located on the Stradella Spur, where three types of terrain are found: clay, sandstone and gravel, each being made up of a multitude of micro areas, making each vine unique. Adding to this the fact that every vine has its own exposure to the sun and wind, as well as a different lay of the land, the number of variables becomes clear. This focus on the vines themselves rather than on winery techniques, is the way in which  vineyard owners like ourselves create products with strong personality.

Our company, with its century-old traditions, has always been based on these concepts so that each one of our vines has its own character and story.

  • Montarzolo
  • Canne
  • Custieu
  • Colomba
  • Pragazzolo
  • Monteguzzo
  • Bugena
  • Frach
  • Falerna
  • San Bacchino
  • Praga