Azienda Vitivinicola Calvi

Palazzina Loglio di Sotto - Circular Walk

A two to three-hour walk if taking the time to enjoy it to the full.

From the winery, head across our Custieu vineyard to meet the cool Lavelli valley with its two ancient wells. At the fork in the road, go right and follow the level track first through a wood and then through vineyards.

Before arriving at the houses in Portico, go left downhill towards the bottom of the valley and follow the Rio Monzone path to the village square in Pozzolo.

Here, turn right slightly uphill and then left immediately along the Cappellazzo road, an ancient Valle Versa route. Having gone through the hamlet of Loglio di Sotto, head up the old road to Casa Lunghi, where you will find a narrow track leading to Casa Colombi.

Arriving at the tarmacked road, turn left towards Castana, where we recommend visiting the church and one of the old walls of the Castle, before returning to Palazzina.