Azienda Vitivinicola Calvi

Vigna Montarzolo

Buttafuoco "Storico" D.O.C. red still wine

In the centre of the historic area of Buttafuoco production, as shown on Land Registry Map 7, Subordinate 5 of the Castana council area, the Montarzolo vineyard embodies all the nobility of this product.

The sandstone on which this vineyard lies was quarried for the construction of the famous San Michele church in Pavia and gives this wine its unmistakable character. The thinness and scarcity of water in the soil forces the plant to send its roots deep into the ground, where it finds particular mineral salts which are absorbed into the bunches of grapes. This is enriched and fixed by the sun, which warms this steep, natural amphitheatre covered in Croatina, Barbera, Uva rara and Ughetta of Canneto vines, already planted in the right percentages for the production of Buttafuoco, as was done in the past.

Harvesting, which is carried out strictly by hand, involves picking all the grapes on the same day. Vinification lasts about three weeks and at racking Buttafuoco  goes into small oak barrels, where it remains for two years. Subsequent refining in bottles is fundamental as it gives the wine its character. Buttafuoco from the Montarzolo vineyard, like all wines having a specific area of provenance, has intriguing characteristics which differentiate it from any others. The methods used in the growing and vinification of the grapes are strictly traditional, without the use of any modern techniques for stabilisation of the product, meaning that some deposit is normal.

With a strength of over 14%  by volume of alcohol, the impressive poliphenol structure allows the Montarzolo Buttafuoco to live and mature for at least two years.