Azienda Vitivinicola Calvi

Chinato di Montarzolo

Buttafuoco Storico Chinato

Produced according to the ancient traditions of medicinal wines which were aromatised with herbs, based on our personal recipe since 1973, Chinato of Montarzolo is a fortified wine with 16% alcohol by volume and a slightly sugary residue. It has an intriguing bouquet of Chinese bark and rhubarb roots combined with light notes of twenty other herbs, and forms a sweet, warm sensation in the mouth.

A wine for meditation, perfect with dark chocolate, and thanks to its herbal properties, a good digestive. 

Obtained from the distillation of fresh Buttafuoco Storico pomace in a small copper still designed by the master distiller, Franco Rovero.

It is white in colour, as a true Grappa should be, and releases intense notes of dried and withered fruit which linger in the glass. The grapes it originates from give it warmth and roundness while at the same time being dry and structured.