Azienda Vitivinicola Calvi


Pinot Nero D.O.C. red still wine

Deriving from the vinification of the best varieties of Pinot Nero grape, grown in the Custieu vineyard. Oltrepò is the third largest production area in the world of this grape and the first in Italy. For this reason we have learned how to manage its delicacy. The Marion grape, which our winery has produced since the early 1980s, is central to the Pinot Nero ‘philosophy’. After refining, firstly in wood for 12 months and then for the same period in bottles, it has a light ruby red colour with orange tints. The nose is characterised by fruits of the forest notes: blackberry, blackcurrant and raspberry, as well spicy and slightly balsamic notes. It tastes very elegant despite its alcohol content, structure and abundance of tannins.

Appreciated by too few for its particular characteristics, Pinot Nero is in fact the ideal accompaniment to all spicy dishes with intense flavours as well as goats cheese, blue cheese and cured meats including smoked meats. Since 2003 our winery has been invited each year to Nuit Saint George in Borgogna for tasting and selling of the Marion, and is the only Italian company represented amongst many French producers.